Sport & Therapy Sailing for veterans & their loved ones.

Veterans to Sailors is a veteran owned and operated not-for-profit business.

Summer 2018 | Port Washington, NY

Summer 2018 | Port Washington, NY


John Zimmermann is a retired SMSgt and a USCG 50 ton master. John is a US Sailing and American Sailing Association Certified basic keelboat instructor, US Sailing Certified Adaptive Sailing Instructor, and a US Sailing Basic cruising instructor. John has taught 300+ people the basic sailing course both on the waters of Oyster Bay and the Hudson River of New York.

Veterans to Sailors (V2S) offers sport & therapeutic sailing opportunities designed for the physically challenged and non-physically challenged veterans, current members of the military along with their extended families.


“...Not only are you controlling a large vessel, but you’re also adjusting constantly to mother nature’s elements, which challenges your mental & physical fitness.”

— John Zimmermann, Founder


Benefits of Sailing include:

  • Muscle strength and endurance

  • Concentration

  • Dexterity

  • Mental wellness

  • Increases agility

  • Improves concentration

  • Improves communication skills

  • Spatial awareness

  • Organizational skills

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Programs & offers

V2S offers sailing experiences that range from a leisurely day of cruising to learning sailing skills to the level of competition.

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